Bobby is born… 

Still waiting to hear when I get the privilege of getting a camera shoved up my bottom to look at my whole intestines. 

As I’m waiting the pain & bleeding has really cranked up & this is making it pretty hard to put things out of my mind. The pain I get is in a really specific area and even though I don’t know what this is: a diverticular pouch, an ulcerated area, a tumour & it’s the unknown that makes things scarier I guess so I’m taking some control, I have named this bit of bowel Bobby. 

“Bobby is hurting” or “Bobby is bleeding a lot today” seems a lot less frightening than talking about my bowel being bad. 

I don’t know what Bobby is, and if I’m honest I’d rather be wasn’t there but he is & so until I know otherwise I will just call him by his new name. Maybe he’ll be kinder to me now? 

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