Tick Tock Tick Tock

I’ve never been good with waiting. I get massively impatient & just want to fly through the time vortex & get to where I want to be. 

I saw a member of the colorectal surgery team on Saturday. Most appropriately there was over a two hour delay on his clinic. I’ve never had such a painful history taking: “Any family history of diverticular disease?”


“Mum? Dad?”


“Sister? Brother? Aunt? Grandparents?”


I swear he was just going for the record for how long he could drag the clinic out for. He gave me the well practiced ‘you’re very young’ speech & a weird bus lane analogy before eventually telling me what I knew. I need a flexible sigmoidoscopy. 

And now I wait again. For the letter, for the appointment. The wait isn’t being helped by my other health stuff flaring up a lot and whatever this bowel thing is very much letting me know it’s still there. 


Why don’t I have a TARDIS? 

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