Fight Like A Girl

I’ve always been stubborn. If I believe in something or someone then I stick up for them. I’d fight my friend’s fights at school. I was a fierce advocate for my patients during my time as a nurse. And now I find myself having to fight for my rights to appropriate healthcare. 

Let’s get something straight before I go on: I don’t want to be ill, I didn’t ask for it. I definitely don’t hope I have cancer. I don’t hope for any diagnosis to be honest but as there is something wrong I would rather it was benign but as there is a risk it isn’t I want to be treated appropriately. 

I was deafened by the silence from my GP practice. I contacted them a week ago to ask them to review my referral & change it to the 2 week referral that it should be. They said they would respond on Monday, it’s now Friday. 

Me being me I wasn’t going to just let things lie & so I spoke to a nurse at Cancer Research UK; I think in all honesty I was hoping for reassurance, to be told not to worry, I was told that I shouldn’t accept it & need to push the GP for a 2 week review. So I looked for the local colorectal lead nurse, I figured the GP was the monkey & they were the organ grinder. I think I was hoping again for either reassurance that it didn’t need looking at urgently or that I’d be able to skip the GP bit & get a newer appointment directly. I got neither. In fact I mostly got angry. 

The nurse was lovely, I wasn’t angry with her. I was angry firstly because it seems the appointment I have in May isn’t even for a colonoscopy, it’s to see a gastroenterologist. And secondly, importantly, I got angry because the nurse said I absolutely do meet the 2 week referral guidelines & that I need to argue with my GP more. 

So, I’ve emailed the practice manager again though despite my urge to contact me ASAP I have still not heard. I won’t be leaving it. I’ll keep fighting until I get the right treatment but how ridiculous that I need to fight?! Is it not enough to feel scared & vulnerable without then needing to have a tantrum to get help? I hardly feel cared for & secure in the hands of my doctors. What happens to those not able to fight? Who stands up for them? 
UPDATE: Recieved an email back from surgery & after reviewing my case & looking at the information from the Lead Nurse I’ve been re-referred on the 2ww pathway. 

I’m still angry that I had to fight for this & still sad for those who can’t/don’t/won’t fight. 

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