Computer says no… 

So after my last appointment I got referred to have a colonoscopy. I was a little bit annoyed that I’d lost a couple of months by being referred to the wrong place but I was at least happy that I was finally being taken seriously. The key word being ‘was’. 

I’m now fuming. I logged on to book my appointment & I have to wait until mid May. Five months from initially attending the surgery with a problem. Surely there was a mistake? 

A call to the GP later & no, no mistake. I apparently don’t meet with their two week referral guidelines. I meet the Cancer Research UK guidelines. I meet the Macmillan guidelines. I apparently don’t meet the local ones. 

I emailed the practice manager. Asked her to look at my case, to consider changing it to an urgent referral. She called on Thursday to say she’d have to ask the doctor to review it. It’s now Tuesday evening & I’ve heard nothing. 

I’ve asked Cancer Research UK their opinion, they urged me to discuss with the GP as I shouldn’t be waiting until May. Yet I have discussed with the GP & they don’t want to know. 

Obviously I want the GP to be right, I want it to be a benign cause but it also might not be & having to wait 5 months to find out is inhumane. I don’t know what to do. Where to go next. Don’t know how to get taken seriously. 

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