Ignorance Would Be Bliss

I got a phone call off the surgery this week arranging my clinic appointment. She ended the call with a nonchalant “There’s some medication I need to send you too..”. No further explanation, just a cheery goodbye. 

But you see I know what she means and I know her jolly tone was misplaced. 

 I don’t know if I mentioned that I used to be a nurse. Well I did. I spent most of my time in end of life care but I also ended my training & started my career on a gastro ward. We were a medical ward but we did still have to prep our patients for procedures and the prep for any investigations from the bottom up involved clearing the view. 

The thing we used was called Kleen Prep (I can only assume that the spelling of Kleen is supposed to inject some kind of fun into what was otherwise something straight out of a horror movie); I used to hand it over with a hand squeeze, an apology and the issuing of a private toilet. Cleaning your bowel obviously involves flushing EVERYTHING out. In like a day. You don’t get to move from the loo. The colic. The wind. 

No nonchalance. Pray for me. 

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